Your Executives

President: Jenny Mahendran

VP Socials: Trevor Rice & Saif Butt

VP Finance: Ali Butt

VP External: Michael Kamal

VP Academic: Rochelle Alexander

Secretary: Joey Bacauanu

Welcome Week Coordinators: Justis Beley & Kenneth Noguchi

4th Year Reps: Dylan Whitbread & Kaitlyn Jacklin

3rd Year Reps: Emma Sandford & Julia Buffone

2nd Year Reps: Sherif El Meniawy & Anthony Sitas

1st Year Reps: Bridget Deschênes & Taki Wong

Society Positions

President Organizes all meetings of the club and handles the day-to-day operations to ensure the society's adherence to MSU policies. Creates events to strengthen social and academic ties among the kinesiology students. Works in conjunction with fellow program societies and McMaster faculty to create resources for students. VP Social Ensures all events organized under the KS nameplate follow the due process of approval and documentation. In charge of organizing the Clothing Sale and Kin Semi-formal events. VP Finance Manages the accounting and financing of the society, and arranges for the custody and distribution of funds pursuant to the executive and general membership's direction. VP External Maintains all forms of social media involving the KS - this involves notifying the McMaster Kinesiology undergraduate students about events and other pertinent information. Acts as the liaison between the KS and the McMaster Science Society. VP Academic Responsible for academically supporting Kinesiology students by providing beneficial resources and events. This involves collaborating with academic courses and creating information sessions. Secretary Maintains the club’s membership list and archival documents (minutes, event summaries, etc.). Welcome Week Coordinators Act as Welcome Week Planners for the Department of Kinesiology. Serve as liaisons between the KS and the MSU Welcome Week Planning Committee. Manage the Kinesiology Welcome Week Representatives and Spirit Events throughout the year. Year Reps Primary communicators of all KS events and information to their respective years. Organize at least one event primarily targeted to their respective years but may include other years in order to promote friendship and community within the program.