About Us

The McMaster Kinesiology Society, in conjunction with the Department of Kinesiology and the MSU, promotes educational, social, and charitable events with the intention of maintaining an environment that develops cohesiveness, friendship, and pride. We're an enthusiastic and highly dedicated team of students that will undoubtedly provide you with an university experience that is nothing less than unforgettable. Academically we act as a voice for student concerns and issues, acting as representatives on various faculty committees and departmental councils. We are also responsible for organizing various events throughout the year, always striving to incorporate both FUN and SPIRIT into the academic program. Over the next 4 years you will have the opportunity to meet so many new people and to enhance your leadership skills for whatever endeavours your future may hold. We strive to accommodate our first year students in as many ways as possible, and provide constant support in adjusting to university life. The most important piece of advice that we can offer is to bring everything you can, to everything you do. Your time here will most definitely fly by, and we promise that you'll enjoy it!